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tv   [untitled]    August 10, 2013 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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so, the lifetime achievement award is for someone we feel we should take this moment in time and thank in person for their contributions to the city. and i think we have this year's winner epitomizes the kind of person that we should take the time to acknowledge and to go further into that i'd like to actually take a moment and invite now our supervisor district 8 malia cohen who would like to share her opening thoughts on this award. (applause) >> can i just tell you how good it feels to be up here, to look out to see all the people that make everything possible, that really makes san francisco wonderful? and i just have got to give a special shout out. you knew i grew up in the portola for those that don't know. [cheering and applauding] >> right there at the intersection of silly man and colby, my parents still live there. that's where it started for me. but tonight is a night that we have abopportunity * to up lift and support and say thank you to all the people that
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certainly provide me support and provide me the motivation to get up and come to work every single day. this is an opportunity to thank and praise the people that call me stop, that e-mail me, find me on facebook, send me a twitter and pick, found me on next door. i tell you, this is your day. put your hands together. hang in there, we're almost done. but this is the day that we get to celebrate -- (applause) >> i'm calling it the nen-ers. you know what's interesting? i've been around city hall long enough to watch the nen awards grow and mature into what it is today. so, i also want to give a special shout out to daniel homesy who is the originator of this. thank you, daniel. (applause) >> also i want to acknowledge his right hand christina palone, the new director, mon,
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mayor's office neighborhood services over there in that corner. (applause) >> and for those of you that don't know, i represent district 10, that's the southeast neighborhoods. that's bayview, that's potrero hill, visitacion valley, it's a little hollywood, it's dogpatch. it used to be the portola, half of it. my heart is still with you, but i'm glad like the speaker said, it is whole. and that is what's important, is that that neighborhood remains whole so that our city will be whole. you agree? [cheering and applauding] cheers >> so, a few years back there was this little idea to take back the bayview and really began to rewrite the history and the narrative that we often hear about in bayview. and it actually started, ironically, with a small little abandoned swath of land that has grown up to become the cuseda garden. and it's the thought child and the physical manifestation of
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hard work, of a few community leaders that got together and rolled up their sleeves and got to work. and tonight i have the honor to introduce one of the co-founders, his name is jeffery betcher. where are you? get up here. and jeff is going to introduce to you as he escorts ms. annette young smith to the stage. this lady, ladies and gentlemen, is a lifetime achievement award winner. please, please welcome her to the stage. (applause) >> i can't think of a more deserving woman. thank you. come on in. jeffery, i love you. >> i love you, too. >> hello, neighbors. good evening.
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you know, first i have to say that i "heart" the portola, i really do. [laughter] >> this is an amazing win frankly for the whole southeast sector, from progress park down, and it's a wonderful night. great to be here with all of you. my name is jeffery betcher. i am the executive director of the organization that emerged 10 years ago from annette young smith and carl page's work on the block where i live. annette lived across the street from me and started planting flowers here or there around the block. and that changed everything mysteriously. and we figured out over time what it was that really created the change, and it wasn't the garden. it wasn't the plants. it was that annette was unafraid to cross the street and give a hug to someone she didn't know, who was radically
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different from her, and she started to build a personal relationships that have become cusada gardens and now a network of people and places and projects that are really shaping the culture and life in bayview hunters point. it was -- it's been the distinct pleasure of my life, frankly, to careful where you move, it can change everything. but if you're going to move to a new place, annette young smith is the neighbor that you would pray to have. and i can tell you that she has been a terrific friend and mentor, too. she is still the chair of the board of the cusada gardens. we know it's quesada. [laughter] >> she is still the board. she is still very much at the heart and soul of everything we do. she is our spiritual mentor, and we love her. we truly, truly adore this
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woman. and i'd like to introduce her to you and i think you'll understand why. congratulations, annette young smith. (applause) >> first of all, i thank god for being here and i thank god for all of you being here. >> amen. >> and i'd like to thank jeffery for nominating me and i accept the award. thank you. that's all. [laughter] (applause) ♪
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♪ (applause) >> what a fantastic way to end this evening. a standing o. that's fantastic. (applause) >> and a woman who obviously practices actions speak louder than words we need here in city hall. without further a do, we conclude this year's nen awards. i want to acknowledge my partner michael pollack back there. (applause) >> not only does he make me look old and fat, but he's an incredibly talented young man. these amazing videos, we'll get all this up on the web for you to share with your friends in the years to come. look forward to future announcements. with that i'd like to conclude the fifth annual nen awards. we'll see you next year. and now we invite you to join us in north light park for a
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fantastic of food and wine for you to enjoy. thank you all very much. ♪ ♪ ♪ test, test, test, test, test test >> good morning, everyone. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance meeting for friday june 21st. that i'm supervisor mark farrell. i'm joined by other supervisors.
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i would like to thank the members of sftv who are covering this meeting as well as the clerk. clshg any announcements >> and completely silence any electronic devises. items acted upon today will be on the july agenda unless otherwise stated >> okay. today we have monthly our public comment for this year's budget. i want to make a few announcements. everyone in the public is going to have 2 minutes to speak. after comment and you do get to the microphone please exit the chambers for everyone to have
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seats. we have an overflow room. if you have disabled and need special accommodatess or if you have which were with you, please contact one of the steve's and we'll get you in front of the line. due to the number of speakers we'll not call the speaker cards. per standard meeting the first row is for the disabled. and to lee let you know the speaker cards in the chamber room and handed out about thirty minutes ago. first up today, we're going to start with a hearing around our department of children youth and the department head will be
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presenting. so mr. clerk with that being said call items one through 24. item number hearing on the potential implication of the families for the grant awards. item number 2 proposing all expenditures for departments of '71 of san francisco as of may for fiscal years june 30, '14 and 15 >> item number 3 the annual budget and the fiscal year is
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. the authority to make certain provisions. item number 10 the ordinance for administrative business to modify when the controller is to
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conduct varies program audits and this is regarding the cash fund item number 11 to increase the monthly fee to $39 per month. item number 12 section 8.14 to adjust the american fees. item number 13 ordinance of the administrative code librarian fees. next item to amend the grant fund. item number 15 to remove certain allocations. item number 16 ordinance amendment the fire code for the fire department services >> item number 17 to set partiality rates of public
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haelth. next item for for the consumer index and next testimony for the department of emergency management. item number 20 for the fund for the one time purposes for fiscal years >> item number 21 for the fiscal years 2014 and 15 for the human care services fund. item number 22 pravl the university school district for public education enrichment fund. item number 23 resolution proving the family commission expenditure fund for the enrichment fund. item number 24 for the fiscal years 2014 and 15
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>> thank you mr. clerk. with that why not have maria for item number one and hearing our department of children youth for the 2013 award. i want to give supervisor mar and supervisor breed a chance to speak >> thank you we were here so long yesterday. we're very fortunate to have very active parents that advocated for dpaekz for the children fund and for the prop h. and other services in the city to try a make sure we maintain families and doing everything we can to prevent the flight of families from the city.
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i would expect another supervisor to come later. we have any funds for summer lunch programs to after school activities. the services are critical and it's a critical part of our safety nest. it gives support to children the opportunities that they need to grow and develop their potential. that's why it's critical we have a transparent process for the funds so that the voices and also the voices of community that have been the most underserved are a key part of the process as well. ms. sue i wanted to say we have
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tremendous needs but it varies by age and geographic and gender and orientation but especially income. i know you've provided maps. so i'm hoping this relative short meeting it, help us how the process works. so i think that supervisor breed has some comments >> thank you. i'll be brief. i want to thank maria sue. as a former director i understand the challenges that many of those nonprofit face. in particular we had programming money but unfortunately, because of the challenges we had to
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redirect funded to hire a case manager to help support the needs of the children. i think it's important 3 we make sure that each and every agency that's receives fund from d c wifi is held accountable. especially, if their organizations that are doing the work. the support that's received from a lot of this granted monies helps keep people employed. but my goal is to make sure that the programs are focused on children and i will not sacrifice children over employment's opportunity. so if a program is not doing what it should be doing then we need to make sure we're supporting those organizations that are. so i'm really excited about this
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hearing. of course, with the loss of a significant d c wifi funding i want to make sure that the programs that need funding the most and that serve the children in those districts receive what they needed in other words, to be effective. thank you very much >> thank you for being here. why don't we get going with your presentation >> good morning chair and members of the committee. i'm director for the department of families and children. it's my pleasure. i'm joined by my staff and others. and then our colleague laura who's the director of the first 5 commissions. today, we want to share with you
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- today, we want to answer some questions from supervisor mars office. since receiving those questions there's been more questions. we did not have time to formerly answer the questions in this presentation, however, through walk you through the slides you'll be able to perhaps receive some answers. i'm sorry those are the four questions that was sent to us. and in general it is about how was the process? similar to what you said and how do we insure are the children are and 43 res
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participated. we work effectively to deliver the best possible outcomes. as you can see this is building on what's working. we believe in continuity of services and second draw on the data to bring focus to the areas of greatest needs. we will continue to identify our urgent needs. we want to look at age and
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neighborhoods and risk factors. we were wanting to focus in on the young people living in under housed situations. children who are homeless in risk or system involved. english language learners and documented young people. the third you principle are to champion places were there gaps. as stewards of the fund we want children to be succeeding in school and living in save communities. however, we really want to hone
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in and focus in on two prim goals children ready to learn and succeed in school. the strategies we've developed in the 2013 cycle buildings on the strong work in our department. we remain committed while recognizing that a wide range of supporting outcomes are for all our children. the approach in this slide is intended to be holistic addressing the needs of the children while having healthy families. those outcomes are sponsored through investments in early education and youth empowerment and development.
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they're including family and school centers health and nutrition services. through our investment we have reached over 56 thousand children in the city and support over 2 hundred and 50 cb os >> yesterday, i mentioned there's about 1 hundred thousand children in the city and we serve about half that population. >> yes. and this slide shows how we think about our investment speaker we believe that all children should be able to assess our services, however, we realize there's some neighborhood and ninth groups that need more funding
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>> so i'm here today to talk
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about our process and try to provide for transparency around the process. this information has been out there for the public to assess since decisions have been made. one of the questions is what is the information shared with after the rfp was realized in addition to, you know, making the rfps i want to show you it's a fairly large document we have it on our website and we have it for interested cb thoses to pick up. we have two conferences and we went
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of those. i made available for you today something that was in the rfp. it's a table that shows for every strategy the priorities of the strategy how much funding was available in that particular strategy. but we talked about that and then lout for grantees or interested applicants to submit
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questions. on our application is submitted online so we went over the process on that. and after we did all the q and a we posted that as well so anyone who was not at the preproposal conference would ask questions >> you have clear priorities and guidelines that your you using and you're saying the information after the allocations were made then you put everything up on line. >> that's correct. so the decision process. i do want to acknowledge again in the hand out. you have 2. the one with the strategy tables is in terms of the selection
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process and that was made available online. there's a much more detailed document that goes over the decision process in detail. when we released all the award we put that on our website. so to start with every proposal was read and there were hundreds of scores that had to be recruited for this process. after the reviewers submitted their information we went through the process. this is a procedure we used in the last rfp and it was reviewed through the audit of the process by the controllers. we also create what's


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